DEHAIRI is a non-profit art project that also has its own exhibition space. DEHAIRI  is written as “ではいり”in Japanese, meaning “come in and go out."
The DEHAIRI space is located in an art district of Kodaira-shi, Tokyo and is situated between the artists’ village ”Miraikobo” and Ogawa station, on the first floor of an apartment building. As its name suggests, artists going home from the station or coming to their studios will pass by DEHAIRI and drop in at this space. Artists come here to get together, talk and share their happi-ness. DEHAIRI has slowly become a home for the artists. We hope that projects and ideas can be  exchanged here, and that the interaction among artists will lead to new possibilities. We also look forward to seeing DEHAIRI become not only a project space but also a harbor for contemporary art.